Forever Coin® (COMING SOON) will give you member only offers and discounts with our online/offline market


You can purchase exclusive merchandise, access money can’t buy experiences and use Forever Coin® at fan-only events.

Coming soon for Bounty Hunters. Digital Collectables and rewards.


As a Bounty Hunter, you’re a pure gun for hire. Inside the Hunters Lair, you can take on challenges and soon earn rewards such as, special offers from sponsors, or digital collectables based on Blockchain to give you 100% verification.


For now, you get the satisfaction of achievement and uncovering some brutal extra content.

Who is coming with an unstoppable fury?


Millions of digital lives have been destroyed. The existence of God is called into question. Billions in wealth has vanished.


Easy to see how someone could get seriously pissed.



From the Hunters Lair, you'll interact with characters across websites, social media and SMS, along with discovering hidden content for more clues, more pieces of the puzzle…


You’ll meet-up with other players in Discord to solve challenges, join scavenger hunts and share intel.


Each challenge, puzzle or interaction brings you closer to uncovering the truth behind what happened to The Forever Social®.

our story begins with The Forever Social®


Here's a brief introduction to the backstory...



The Forever Social®, a billion dollar start-up in Stockholm, has been reduced to ashes in under 24 hours. The CTO is butchered and the founder, a technology genius, Karl-Axel Mattiasson has disappeared.


The company’s source code and platform ‘The Forever Engine’, which generated digital immortality for millions of people, has been destroyed. Investors and bankers are left stunned and vengeful with a loss of $782 million.


The company’s accounts, servers and communications are wiped-out, sparking an international manhunt for Karl-Axel.


Some want justice, others want his head.

Forever Has Fallen is in public beta stage.


You decide…

Listen and enjoy the storyline only.

Or also join the action as a Bounty Hunter to explore the storyworld.


Bounty Hunters access Hunters Lair to solve challenges across a storyworld of websites, hidden content and character interactions. It’s your choice how much you hunt and far you go to earn rewards.


Each episode gives you a clue, it could be a mobile number, website, email or company name…


Right now we are offering first-in Bounty Hunters a story bible and exclusive updates for future releases.

Become a Bounty Hunter

Hunters, victims and power brokers

So, are you game?

Become a Bounty Hunter to access the Hunters Lair.


The Forever Social® provides digital immortality, powered by the Forever Engine, Karl-Axel's revolutionary Artificial Intelligence


The Forever Engine accesses your digital assets and social media profiles and then accurately mimics your online behaviour. When you die, The Forever Engine takes over, posting and interacting as you.


From its inception, The Forever Social® was meant to be the ultimate gift to the world; humankind's answer to death. But soon, it became notorious for Karl-Axel's inflammatory stance against the religious right and his angry tirades against the protesters that hound him.

David Borg

Detective Inspector Interpol Organised Crime Unit

Linda Lindblad

The Forever Social CTO

Kiril Orlov

The Forever Social investor

Håkon Blixt

Local Journalist

Mikael Johnsson

The Forever Social special counsel