Become a Bounty Hunter

Season 1 is complete giving you hours and hours of fun with nasty things to hear, see and do. Season 2 and 3 are under development. Please support us to release the new seasons by pre‑ordering now and receive a discount.

Why not create a Bounty Hunter Party? Play first to complete challenges or collaborate. Surprise your friends with a new games night like nothing else.

    Bonus extras for Bounty Hunter Enforcers
    Pre-order S2 and S3 now to save 37% off the retail price and receive the special edition Bounty Hunter Intel.


Immerse yourself in an incredible soundscape and listen up! Each podcast episode contains something useable like a phone number or web address.


Use that something to access highly detailed and fun online escape rooms. You never know who or what you’ll bump into…


As you solve challenges, you’ll earn bounties.

Surprise your friends with a Bounty Hunter Party. You can play together as an unstoppable team.