As bullets fly and billionaires scamper, create a Bounty Hunter party.

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt with friends!

The recipe for a very different games night. (And it’s lockdown proof!)


How our fans rate us*




*Based on answers provided in fan survey conducted October 15th 2020

“It’s clear from the sound design, world building, and sprawling digital presence that a huge amount of effort was put into this show.I love the added layer of clue hunting, with every bit of the mystery being so well thought out.”
Awesome AF… I’m so glad I signed up.Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for more.”
You have made this s**t so intriguing. My partner and I just finished ep 2 and 3...We cant wait to see where this adventure will take us.”
It’s just heaps of fun And the production standards on this are brilliant. Highly recommend!”
“Fun experience… It keeps you focused on everylittle detail. Can’t wait for the next episode.
““Can I just say that this is an amazing game? Absolutely fantastic
This is honestly one of the most engaging storiesI’ve ever seen, I’ve been nagging all my matesto give it a shot ”
“This podcast not only lets us listen to amazing things, but also hides easter eggs for viewers to try. I am so immersed in this world.
“It’s something very new, something I haven’t donebefore and it’s interactive. Makes me want to keeprevisiting the storyworld.
“I absolutely LOVE this game!