WTF is this all about?

This is part of Forever Has Fallen, a new type of entertainment where you participate in the story as a Bounty Hunter. We are offering up 100 ‘digital immortals’ for free to the community. 


What can I use my Digital Immortal NFT for?

Bring it to life by creating social profiles for your digital immortal. We will be rewarding the most well thought-out social media personalities. The more ‘social-life’ you create, the more value you can generate for your NFT. And you can build a collection too!

We will have a marketplace for you to buy and sell. 

How do I register?

Registration will be part of the Forever Has Fallen game. The tokens will be given to the first people to complete certain challenges. To get a head-start enter the code-word here:
And sign up for early access on the next page.

Full details will be released to everyone 24 hours after the early-access period.

When does Early Access start?

On Thursday 21 we will send an email to everyone who has signed up for early access. So keep an eye on your inbox!

When will I get the NFT?

We will transfer the NFT’s to a wallet of your choice in a few weeks. 

So what’s the story about?

Tech billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson is on the run, framed for murder and destroying The Forever Social, his global empire that delivered digital immortality for millions. As crimes against humanity pile up, powerful forces converge to destroy him.

How does the story connect to this game?

While plotting revenge from his lair, Karl-Axel revives a pilot project, where he had stored 10,000 digital immortal profiles using Polkadot, right before all hell broke loose. These digital immortals need to be claimed and revived. You revive a profile by creating a social media account for your profile/s. For the best ones, we will promote those profiles in the story and game. With rewards and prizes to be announced.

What do I do?

Claim digital immortals to reveal their unique profile. Some are more valuable than others, but you don’t know what you’ll get. As more and more profiles are claimed, you will see different collections become apparent. The goal is to reach and unlock number 10,000, while you build the most valuable collection possible.

As each profile is revived, Karl-Axel can get more power to unlock the mysterious profile number 10,000. This is very special profile that could hold answers behind who destroyed his life, fortune and his dead sister Lotta, who was his first digital immortal.