Token Sale


MAY 8 2018, 11:00 GMT








JUNE 19 2018, 11:00 GMT


1 ETH = 10,000 FOREVER COIN (FC)





Why buy Forever coin game tokens now?


  1. You can buy the Forever Coin game token at a super low introductory retail price – as a thank you for being an early customer
  2. The world-class team has proven and verifiable capabilities to make Forever Has Fallen a global smash-hit for gamers
  3. The team also has proven commercialisation experience for globalising companies and has blockchain technical skills for enterprise grade solutions, so you know the experience will be awesome and sustainable
  4. When you combine our scalable business model and concept leveraging 3 large global market opportunities, we have a new uncontested space, targeting 293 million people to join our community

These ingredients create a mass market of gamers, who will use game tokens as part of an incredible, immersive and different game experience.


Strategy for a new type of global billion dollar game/entertainment company


We have structured our game token allocation to sell enough for the business requirements (only 35% of total game tokens), with a large reserve of 45% to support the game token and fuel the online/offline game economy. The excitement of game play is enhanced by rewards for players – players earn game tokens and are able to sell them for other currencies or use them with our economy.


The business idea and model creates an uncontested market space, drawing on three large global opportunities. Our Total Available Market (TAM) is 293 million people; our modest target for customers is 10 million in 3 years time – but we are very confident of eclipsing that target, based on historical data from past performance.


The combination of a blockbuster story (think The Fugitive meets Billions), a game token with online/offline use, and players earning those tokens by helping create/support the game delivers an addictive new form of entertainment in an immersive world.


By purchasing Forever Coin game tokens, you must agree with our Token Sale Agreement.

Strategic use of Forever Coin game token sale supply

Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Coin game tokens; underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. The strategic use of the total token supply enables funding to complete the game and to provide support for the utility token when the game is launched.


The game token sale event offers 35% of the total token supply at 1ETH = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC), for a soft cap of 2,800ETH and a hard cap of 35,000ETH. Purchasing the game token provides player rights and privileges in the game. The funds generated will complete the global experience-game, along with marketing towards gamers in an uncontested market space. The business plan has strategies to meet variations in ETH values, in order to go to market with a world class game/service offering.


After the game token sale, 45% of the total token supply will be available to create popularity for the game when it is launched and for supporting the game token. This 45% of the total token supply fuels the game economy, to attract, incentivise and reward players of the game, along with delivering scalability to create and grow content.

Game token sale and business plan

Hard cap: 35,000ETH

1 ETH = 10,000FC

Business requirement:

1 ETH = AUD$275 for funding of $9,600,000 (Funding for 2 years with zero revenues)

Impact of ETH value to AUD:

  • $275 (Budgeted): All systems go! Game released in 12 months.
  • < $275: Less percentage to marketing, more to game/production/platform development, and/or HODL until the market recovers.
  • > $275: More equals faster TTM, more production options, more aggressive marketing, new and different strategies for technologies, partnerships and the business.
  • Softcap of 2,800ETH will provide for a MVP. Our reserve of tokens can be used to sell directly to gamers, which can slow the project's TTM, but not cause the project to fail.

Stability and support with 45% reserve

Token Allocation

Total of 1 billion tokens to be created. No additional tokens will ever be created.


The token will be issued via the ERC20 Standard. They will be sold for 1 ETH = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC) tokens.

ICO cap:



M&L retained:

17%  (locked for 2 years)


Allocated for distribution to incentivise participation in the community and add value to the community:



0.48 %



1.76 %


Token sale costs:



Stage 1

Events leading to the token sale

Result: 35% of total token supply for token sale event, to generate funding to complete and deploy the game.


1ETH = 10,000FC

Q1 2017

FHF concept created


Q2 2017

Concept market tested


Q3 2017

Blockchain gamification and game economics developed


Q4 2017

Business model and strategy finalised / IP secured


Q1 2018

Soft launch


Q2 2018

Token Sale - hard cap reached

Stage 2

Funding from token sale to complete and launch game

Result: Game completed, marketed and community engaged  - 12 months.

Q2 2018

Systems/Platform/Game Development


Q3 2018

Systems/Platform/Game check and upgrades


Q3 2018

Early adopter marketing - gamers


Q3 2018

Pilot game and market verification


Q4 2018

Systems/Platform/Game Audit (Go, No Go)


Q2 2019

Game/Content Launch

Stage 3

Game economy, business model and strategic partnerships accelerate

Result: Post initial token sale, 45% of total token supply, fuels the game economy. Tokens are either purchased or earned by players via the FHF website. Founders gain their tokens in 2020.

2019+ (10,000,000 players)

Story/Game Development


Growing community


Multiple seasons


Diversification for continued community growth

Lock in periods

Mihell & Lycos team: 2 years.


Purchase methods

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