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• Market validation

• Business and economic models

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Validated uncontested market space of 293 million

Significant returns within 12 to 24 months (250% to 500%)

Validated commercial formula with competitive advantages for a global smash-hit

Innovation to scale and generate market desire

Exceptional economic and business models

Team who are fully vested, proven and passionate

Kimon Lycos, Founder and CEO explains the game and model.



Fans want immersive worlds they participate in. Experience from similar projects also validates the high-end value fans place on this type of storytelling, commonly known as transmedia or 360 entertainment.


First time an Alternative Reality Game (ARG) is combined with its own blockbuster story, to become an ongoing ‘series’ with a long-life +5years

Being based in the present-time, first time an ARG provides a ‘real-to-life’ immersive global experience and is topical for the times (expanding market potential - this is not just for sci-fi/fantasy players)

First time a complete economy is created for online/offline value, using own cryptocurrency, Forever Coin®

First time that a community of gamers can influence their personal wealth, by promoting ‘their’ currency, which they either buy on an exchange or earn by contributing to the game. They have the ability to cash-in and also can influence the value by their actions and promotion


A proven team, heavily invested and passionate

Invested $500,000 own funds and resources

Proven global performance in immersive worlds, games, commercialisation, marketing & technology

Passionate and driven to succeed to fulfill the vision of creating a new billion dollar enterprise


Kimon Lycos | CEO and Founder

International advertising career and start-up investor. Kimon has over 20 years of communications expertise, with a focus on business-to-business. He has served as an adjunct professor with RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and is an opinion writer in national magazines.

Susan Bonds | Founding token owner

President and CEO of 42 Entertainment, Susan has been responsible for some of the world's most incredible transmedia fuelled movements. Working with commercial entertainment property, such as Warner Bros. Dark Knight and Microsoft's Halo2, she has created new world records and immersive worlds that fans cannot get enough of.

Susan has globally proven expertise at creating high value expereinces and campaigns with transmedia.

Phil Mayes | Founding token owner

Founder and Director of Mighty Kingdom, specialised games developer for corporations such as Disney and LEGO Game, along with creating own global hits, such as Shopkins.

Phil has extensive experience in commercialisation of compelling games and User Experiences. Setting up agreements with large content producers and licensing.

Adrian Smith | Founding token owner

Global executive as Australian Managing Director for the German Defence company Rheinmetall. Founder and CEO of Sydac, an advanced simulation company with successful exit. Numerous board appointments with advisory roles to Government on significant policy making for industry growth.

Adrian provides governance and process, putting the right systems in place to manage growth successfully.

Anastasia Haysom Varpenius | Founding token owner

Entrepreneur in the IT & manufacturing industries. Anastasia has over 15 years of experience in global business development & sales and marketing. Holding numerous executive and board positions in both Europe and Australia, Anastasia specialises in tailoring corporations towards national/international expansion, M&A or exit, by forming an automation of successful and innovative business practices.

Anastasia has strong strategic knowledge for forming technology teams with global scale.

Alexander Mitrovich | Founding token owner

Blockchain practice managing partner for UseTech, a +200 person IT/Development company. He has over 15 years of managerial experience in Global Technology Services.

As a business owner and founder, he has created several successful small and medium size international businesses in the fields of EdTech, FinTech and software development. Was part of the management team that built Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT).

Alexander has proven global expertise with smart contract creation and security.


Pier Stamatogiannis

Delivering strategic insights and direction with over 20 years experience in B2C and B2B global, national and local advertising campaigns, including press, radio, TV, DM and digital campaigns, marketing strategy and social marketing.

Aditi Mohan

Project management and business model specialist, ensuring projects remain on the critical path and realise commercial outcomes. International experience from Europe and Asia, providing leadership for teams operating across complex environments.

Michael Ziersch

Providing technical and functional leadership for web development and design. Integration with a broad range of systems and platforms for seamless CX to enhance storytelling.

Emma Hackett

Incorporating strategic understanding with design outcomes to enhance brands, create equity and position with intent.

information MEmorandum


1 page information memorandum


Game economy overview


Susan Bonds

Phil Mayes

Anastasia Haysom Varpenius

Adrian Smith

Alexander Mitrovich