Forever Has Fallen® Digital Press Kit


Forever Has Fallen® is redefining how blockbuster entertainment is produced, distributed and consumed. The Forever Has Fallen® model is designed to create a new market space, similar to the impact Cirque du Soleil had on traditional theatre and circuses, by drawing on audiences who love entertainment, games and communities.


Forever Has Fallen® tells the story of a billionaire technology genius on the run, framed for murder and massive fraud, by using a fictional world made of film, AR, websites, mobile devices and live events.


Fans also engage in global gameplay as they hunt for the truth, solve challenges and earn rewards. Supporting the business model is an economic system, using Forever Coin®, an exclusive cryptocurrency purpose made for the story and game. Fans can buy, earn and sell Forever Coin®, or use it in the Forever Has Fallen® marketplace.

Fact sheet


Mihell & Lycos Pty Ltd

Based in Adelaide, South Australia

Founded: 23rd November, 2009

Commercial status

Series A capital raise for Forever Has Fallen® Pty Ltd.

Founder and CEO

Kimon Lycos


[email protected]

+61 8 7070 2749