SNAPSHOT: Why you can get involved with the Forever Has Fallen project with confidence.

Our whitepaper and the rest of this website validates the following main points.

A Proven Team

We are proven performers in product and business areas, delivering transmedia & game smash hits with Sony, Warner Bros, LEGO, Disney and Microsoft. We have world class executives in marketing, commercialisation, economics, technology and blockchain development. We can demonstrate how we have engaged millions of people in 40 different countries to love our stories, content and games.


This time, we are doing for ourselves.

Market Vision

Total Available Market of 293 million. Conservative target of 10 million players in three years, playing a new form of game and entertainment based on a blockbuster story and using transmedia and blockchain technologies. This goal generates a $1 billion market cap.


From our work on previous award winning campaigns, we know that people want to be entertained in new, immersive and exciting ways.

Uncontested Market

No direct head-to-head competition. Nothing to fear from large incumbents. A new type of entertainment that can build synergies with existing industry players. Netflix Original Series anyone?


There are multiple ways we can build the franchise – this is just the beginning!

Global Scale

Instant global access with a low barrier for end users. Game play occurs across social media, mobile phones, events, AR, VR, websites and more. We are also incorporating a players-as-a-workforce model where players earn rewards by creating experiences and content for other players.


Imagine the brand loyalty that can be built as players realise they can earn real money by having real fun!

Product Innovation

Transmedia removes many of the costs and risks associated with traditional game development and allows massive scale plus exceptional highly-valued player experiences. Integration with blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency enhances game play. These combine to deliver immutable records of achievement and ownership, auto-reward mechanisms and an online/offline economy.


It’s simple. Take the best and most valuable things people desire, ditch the old costs, innovate the model and you have a leaner, meaner fun machine.

Token Strategy

Token allocation provides strategic economic advantages. Only 35% is used for the initial token sale. This enables 45% to be used as a reserve for token price stability, control of supply, provide rewards and fuel the online/offline economy.


Uses best practice macroeconomics – because when you mint a billion tokens, you are like a central bank and that comes with responsibilities to your token users.

Business Model

We do not rely on speculation. We have an entire online/offline economy for Forever Coin to be spent – the token has a clear purpose. We also will accept FIAT and have multiple channels for sales revenues from advertising partners.


We are looking forward to working with people who want to create a globally competitive business and take the ride of their life.

Business Plan

Based on over 20 years of experience running similar companies, our team knows the budget and how to spend it to be successful.


We have the ambition, network and knowledge to rapidly scale and provide high-value employment opportunities for talented people looking for a global challenge.

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