Token sale update:


Acting in the best interests of the Forever Has Fallen business, our executive team supports the decision of our CEO/founder Kimon Lycos, to not sell our tokens via a public sale. The overall wild west attitudes still prevail and proceeding with the public token sale would have harmed or even killed the project.


Our world class business model and innovation stands above current ICO offerings. The vast majority of the offerings are catering to people who only want speculation, and not to build anything. The Forever Has Fallen project has always maintained we are community oriented and our strategy is to work with sophisticated/accredited investors to provide the funding and support we require to make this project successful. We owe it to ourselves and to our supporters to take this strategy and move away from the mass of garbage ICOs.


Because our business model does not rely on speculation, we have found this to be at odds with the so-called traditional ‘investor’ community (speculators) and out-of-step with real investors. The Forever Has Fallen concept is a game changer for the game/entertainment industry. Our value proposition to people who buy our tokens requires us to create a market they can sell to. This market we want to create is not one of speculators, but of gamers who want to play our game.


The tokens for our bounty and airdrop campaigns will still be distributed as per previous deadlines and allocations. These campaigns are no longer accepting new participants as from 1 May 2018. Additionally, the tokens will not be listed on exchanges until after the project is launched. While you will have to hold on to them for now, the longer-term perspective ensures the project will continue, prosper and be listed on exchanges in the future. When they are listed, you can count on the price to be quite high and that there will be a market of gamers eager to buy them.


We hope you share the same vision for Forever Has Fallen as we do and that you recognise this decision is in the best interests of the business and for anyone who has ownership of Forever Coin tokens.