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Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy; powered by Forever Coin.


Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Coin game tokens, underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. Blockchain technologies provide value to game play and gamers alike. The strategic use of the total game token supply enables funding to complete the game and to provide support for the Forever Coin game token long into the future.

Forever Has Fallen Trailer

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Our Partners

World's leading developer and creator for global transmedia campaigns. Work includes Dark Knight and Halo2.

Developer of mobile based games for Disney and LEGO. Experts with game economics and behaviour.

Auditing of smart contracts and deployment, with highly skilled developers for bespoke IT solutions.

Specialised development of blockchain platforms and systems integration for enterprises.

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