Is this a choose your own adventure?

No. You can’t change the plot or outcome. You can however choose how much you explore in our online escape rooms which are very detailed and contain a lot of hidden surprises.

Do I have to join Hunters Lair to enjoy the podcasts?

No. You can simply listen to each podcast episode on all major podcast platforms or our website. All the plot twists and turns are in the podcasts. But you will miss out on a lot of fun and hidden content.

Can you define what an Online Escape Room is?

Each episode has its own set of challenges. Our online escape rooms are standalone ‘experiences’ for you to solve the challenges. It can be a highly detailed fake company website, which you send an email from, which gives a clue that leads to another website and hidden content. The clues, puzzles and challenges progressively get harder – but don’t sweat it! There’s a community to help. 🙂

Will this always be for free?

The podcast episodes – yes! For the online escape rooms we will have packages costing between $2.50 and $3.99 per episode.

Are you going to have advertising?

We really want to avoid advertising to preserve the fun experience. Check out the first mission brief to get a taste of the detail and fun of the online escape rooms.

How much personal details do I have to provide?

As a Bounty Hunter, just your email so the account knows it is you. All other details are up to you. You are in control of how much immersion you want. And we have a privacy policy too! In short – your details remain with us, only us and only for the fun of being contacted as part of the story or to receive an update.